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PDG Shopping Cart

The search engine friendly shopping cart solution!

We have been selling and supporting PDG Shopping Cart installations since 1999. We have found it to be a very dependable, easily customized low priced solution for online sales of products, services, or files.

PDG Shopping Cart gives merchants complete and total control over every aspect of the shopping experience. If you are looking for a solution that does not require constant updating of web pages, as new products are introduced and older products are removed, then you have found your answer!

Is it Right For You?
There are hundreds of shopping cart solutions out there and you want to make sure you choose the right one for your business. We've worked with hundreds of companies from home-based affiliate marketers to multinational manufacturers so we understand your needs are unique to your business.

You probably have a list of "must-haves" as well as a wish list of things you'd like your ecommerce system to do. We're available to answer your questions so you can quickly determine if our offering meets your needs. We can provide a personal tour of the Administrator (the management back end) to show you how easy it is to maintain your products and other aspects of your online store.

Fast Answers
Rather than investing hours or days going from site to site looking at the seemingly endless parade of ecommerce systems, call us (or we can call you on our nickel) and you'll quickly discover if our system warrants a second look. If it does, we're happy to install a full featured copy on your server so you can try it on your site for a full 30 days. We offer this 30 day trial with full support because there is no better way to know than to use it yourself.

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PDG Shopping Cart now features new powerful site and catalog design abilities, allowing you, from within your Merchant Administrator, to quickly change color schemes, graphical button schemes, font styles and sizes, and other style-sheet settings.


  Search Engine Friendly pages

  Shopper Friendly

  Customize output to match site

  Powerful Management Controls

  Real-time shipping quotes (UPS, USPS)


  Runs on your server
(Builds Customer confidence)

  Error-free operation

  Low cost

  No monthly fees

  Easily add, remove or update products

  Import orders into Quickbooks

You can download and install "Skins" (store layout packages) to automatically give your web store an instant new and professional appearance. Quickly save your current layout settings, install a new holiday-themed Skin, and later restore your old settings effortlessly and with ease.

Merchants preferring to display products on static pages, or for webmasters entering the e-commerce marketplace who already have web sites displaying the products and simply want to add shopping cart functionality, PDG Shopping Cart can be embedded into any existing pages. All dynamically generated pages produced by PDG Shopping Cart can be configured using any HTML editing software to match the exact look and feel of your existing site - including navigation menus, backgrounds, cascading style sheets, javascripts, file/script includes, and more.

Now Search Engine Friendly!
We've pioneered the ability to make PDG Shopping Cart's dynamic pages appear search engine friendly!! This is a necessity if you want each of your product pages to appear in Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and the other search engines. The search engines have always had a very difficult time indexing pages that are dynamically generated because of the long addresses that look similar to this:

Professional Internet has developed a way for the cart's dynamically-generated pages to have a normal address that can easily be read by the search engines. This means YOUR product pages can appear when someone looks for your products!
Check out our sample store to see for yourself, or contact us now to talk to us!

The free Microsoft FrontPage e-commerce shopping cart plug-in and Macromedia Dreamweaver e-commerce shopping cart plug-in assist in the process of embedding PDG Shopping Cart into your Web site. Users of other HTML editing software can easily implement the software by copying and pasting sample HTML hyperlinks to their Web pages.

best shopping cart PDG Cart features include:

  • Create a customized Internet storefront in days- not weeks or months
  • Fully functional 30-day trial evaluation prior to purchase- includes installation and comprehensive technical support
  • Software operates on your own site/server- Simple web-based administration
  • Scalable e-commerce solutions to fit the needs of any size business
  • Numerous shipping options including UPS OnLine® Tools and USPS WebTools
  • Integrates easily with any HTML editor (Free Integration Tools for FrontPage and Dreamweaver Users)
  • Windows and UNIX compatible
  • Outstanding speed and stability
  • Fully customizable- including foreign language translation and currency conversion
  • Dynamically construct storefront or add to existing static site with Search Engine friendly links
  • No monthly/recurring fees
All this for only $399.00!

A full license for your site is only $399.00, which includes these exclusives from Professional Internet when you host with us:

  • 90-day Live Telephone Support
  • FREE installation and 30 free trial
If you'd like to see how easy it will be for your customers to buy products from you using PDG Cart, feel free to place an order using our demonstration store. This is not a real store and your orders will not be filled, so this is a great way to try it out yourself!

Our sample store

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